Caffeine While Pregnant

There are so many mixed reviews on what you can and cannot have, or what you should or should not consume while pregnant. Before I even mention my new routine, I want to preface this by stating I am doing what works for me, and what I have personally done research on. I also listen to my body, and know how my body reacts to caffeine, which has helped me to make choices that work for me and my body, rather than someone else’s body!


Ok let’s hop to it– even in the second trimester when you feel like you can do more than one chore at a time without needed a 5 hour nap, you still aren’t “yourself.” At least for me, I know that I used to get 2x as much done in one day than I do in a span of 3 days now. It’s taken a lot of grace and patience with myself, but I know that I need to go at a pace that works for my body, and doesn’t put my body under too much stress or harm the baby.

So when it comes to caffeine, I was initially giving it up full force. I have gone through many phases in my life– sole tea drinker, black coffee lover, sugary goodness mixed with all the caffeine feen…you name it. Before getting pregnant, I would enjoy an occasional coffee, but didn’t need it. When we found out we were pregnant, Tim and I made a choice for me to not indulge in caffeine at all– minus some occasional indulgences like the 14 mg that was in my peach tea or a small coffee here and there. I even tried organic decaf coffee just for the “taste,” but sweet baby girl did not enjoy that much.


On my long (10-15 hour) work days, I allow myself a medium coffee, 1/2 caff, 1/2 decaf. This is about 102 mg of caffeine, and I forgo the added sugar in mine. A splash of creamer or sugar free flavoring works just fine for me, and I somehow feel more like myself! I have had a full coffee before, and it created feelings of anxiety and had me moving faster than needed, so I chose not to include that in my routine moving forward.

What has worked for you? How do you take your coffee?

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