My Growing Belly

Do you ever fall into the trap of comparison? Comparison used to be my worst enemy, and then someway, by the strength and grace of God, I was able to overcome those negative thoughts that were constantly running through my mind. Until I got pregnant. 


Pregnancy started a whole new comparison game that I am not proud to say I fell into. I was looking up hashtags based on my weekly progress, and comparing my size, growth, and bump to other expecting mothers. Can you say “ridiculous? I am so ashamed that I let those thoughts slip into my head, but I should have seen it coming.

I have never been good with a changing body, or accepting a new phase that my body, nutrition, or life is entering into. I take some time to adjust, and I guess pregnancy was no exception. So what did I do to overcome those thoughts?


Speak truth. I told myself the truth. Every. Single. Day. I kept saying, “Courtney, you are growing a human. God gave you the opportunity to grow another human being. This is a miracle, not a comparison game.” I needed to hear the truth about my changing body, and all that pregnancy entailed every single day.

Spend time with your bump. This may sound so cliche to some, but I set aside time every morning, afternoon, and evening to pray over the baby, rest my hand on my bump, and feel those little flutters, that have now started to turn into even bigger kicks, flips, and stretches! Spending that time created a strong bond between my baby and me, and allowed me to see the miracle that he/she truly is, not just a changing body.

Soak up the love. Everyone around you is noticing your bump. Some people have a less gracious way of saying it (cue the “Wow, you look bigger than ____ weeks,” comments), however, all of the love can really be uplifting if you let it be. Initially, I didn’t like that people were watching me change, and seeing me in a new and different way. Then, I realized that it was such a beautiful thing. I answered questions more willingly, and with more enthusiasm, and started to fall in love with talking about my pregnancy.

Accepting change is hard. Being pregnant is hard. The physical changes that we go through when we are pregnant are really freaking hard. Just remember, pregnancy is a miracle. You were chosen to help create another life, and with that, brings change.

If you are pregnant, what are you appreciating about your pregnancy today? If you are a mom, what is your body allowing you to do to cater to the needs of your child(ren)?

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