Increase Your Protein Intake

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Protein protein protein. Regardless of what your goals are, we know that protein is such an important aspect of our diet. During my first trimester, protein was very challenging for me to incorporate. It nauseated me by just looking at different varieties of proteins such as meat, cottage cheese, and yogurt,.

This was a difficult transition, because I was incorporating a pretty high protein intake prior to finding out that I was pregnant. I know that protein is such an important part of the baby’s growth and wanted to make sure that I was getting enough of it. So what do I do? Here are five of my protein packed meals below.

  1. Greek Yogurt: I can do SO much with greek yogurt. Eat it plain. Treat it like dessert with whipped cream on top. Add some granola, fruit, or chocolate chips. Freeze it and eat it. Make it into a dip for pretzels or veggies. You name it. When I am low on protein I find greek yogurt and figure out how to make it match my taste buds for the day! greekyogurt
  2. Beans: Sometimes, I do not want to eat a ton of meat. There are days when meat is just not something that I can stomach. So what do I do? Replace it with beans. Add black beans to a salad. Use beans when making a burrito bowl or spread them into your quesadilla. Beans can be thrown into so many dishes for added protein!burrito bowl
  3. Eggs: I try to eat egg whites in the morning to start my day with a higher protein meal. I will eat them plain, with cheese, with seasoning, with a side of bacon, or as a sandwich with cheese and an english muffin. If I am not in the mood for egg whites, I might try regular eggs or adding hard boiled eggs to a salad later in the day!egg whites
  4. Peanut Butter: I LOVE PB Fit, or regular peanut butter. PB Fit has a lower fat content with a higher protein content, and I love mixing this into my greek yogurt for even more protein. Or, I will cut up an apple and eat the slices with peanut butter. I also enjoy peanut butter on toast with a banana. pbtoast
  5. Protein Shakes: When I am extremely low on protein, or if I complete a more challenging workout, I love to add in a protein shake. You can change up the recipes for protein shakes in a million different ways. They can be sweet, or fruity, or a a mixture of salty and sweet. You can easily add ingredients that are high in nutrients and low in flavor, so the flavor is masked by the protein powder (like spinach). I love these shakes, or even just taking my protein powder and adding it to my oatmeal or pudding mix! The protein I have been using is DELICIOUS and I would love to share more with you. Email me at for possible free samples or to purchase some today! protein shake

What are your secrets for sneaking in protein? I love hearing new tips and tricks, and trying out some of your favorite recipes!

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