Improve Your Sleep Quality

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Let’s talk about sleep. It becomes really uncomfortable when you are pregnant and there were times before pregnancy that my anxiety would keep me up at night. I typically get pretty good sleep but there are times when sleep becomes a thing of the past and it completely affects every part of my life. I have been in extremely intentional about getting sleep and making sure that my sleep quality is up there on the charts. I want to make sure that I am my best self or others that I serve each and every day, and that means taking care of me first!

So how do I get a good nights sleep? Find out with these 10 tips and tricks below:

  1. Set A Bedtime Routine: Tim sometimes laughs at me because I follow the SAME routine every single night before bed. This routine helps me to get into “sleep mode,” and signals my body to follow along. Check out this Harvard post and supported evidence-based research that agrees that a bedtime routine can help eliminate minor sleep problems!
  2. Eliminate Distractions: I reduce the amount of distractions in my room. We close all the closet doors, close the doors to the bedroom across the hall as the outdoor lights shine in from that window, and almost never turn the big light on when we are navigating our way into bed (night lights only). When there are a lot of lights, cell phone noises and distractions, and open doors, my mind wanders and it is 10x harder to fall asleep!
  3. Bed TIME: Having a similar time that you go to bed each evening also sets your body on an “internal clock” and helps you to get into the habit of getting to sleep much faster!
  4. Eliminate Snacks: I try to limit any snacks an hour or so before bed. When I do have snacks, I cannot fall asleep, I am restless and uncomfortable, and my sleep is often disrupted throughout the night.
  5. Stop Thinking: Easier said than done right? Try to focus on ONE THING to get to sleep. I usually pray until I am really tired, and then I focus on keeping my hands still, the way the breeze from the fan feels, or how soft my blanket it. It’s hard to think about tomorrow or worries from the day when I am intentionally blocking out those thoughts and replacing them with one small focal point!

What helps you fall asleep (and stay asleep)? How many hours of sleep do you usually get each night?

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