Feel Energized Without Coffee


As I have already mentioned on basically every single social media platform, staying energize has been a struggle lately. While the recommended daily limit of caffeine is 200 mg for those who are pregnant, my husband and I have decided for caffeine to be absent during my pregnancy. Yes, there are times that I will fill up with a chai tea latte or indulge in some soda that does have some caffeine, but for the most part it is nonexistent.

Are used to have coffee or pre-work out every single day. I thought that I would never get through the first trimester without either. But guess what? I did it! Here are five tips and tricks to replacing coffee and feeling energized:

  • Incorporate Superfoods: Adding in powerful and NATURAL sources of energy go a lot further than one cup of coffee– and the added health benefits are a plus! I love my daily super foods shake, and would love to share it with you. Email me at coachcourtneyschweiger@gmail.com
  • Drink Your Water: During pregnancy, I am sticking to my gallon a day routine. This has been a part of my routine for a long time, so it is pretty simple (most days) for me to incorporate during pregnancy. I bought a gallon jug off of Amazon, and refill it every morning. Then, I pour water into 2 blender bottles, and constantly keep those filled. I try to drink 1/2 of my water before 2:00 PM every day!
  • Don’t Skip Breakfast: I do not understand how there are super humans out there that go without breakfast. That has NEVER worked for me. I love getting up, making a nourishing meal, and starting my day by getting my metabolism up and running. I feel energized from the start. The days that I am late to breakfast, or indulge in a sugary breakfast instead, are the days that I want to nap by 1:00 PM!
  • Add In Snacks: Some people stick to 3 basic meals per day, and that’s it. Others, have snacks throughout the day, although these snacks provide little nutritional value. Try to incorporate nourishing snacks that will keep you going, such as greek yogurt, veggies and greek yogurt dip, fruit, or a protein packed granola bar!

What do you do to stay energized and keep that motor running all day long? How do you overcome a mid-day lull? These are my sure-fire ways to avoid that afternoon lag, and keep my energy up!

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