Tips to Overcome Stress

Hey there! How’s it going? For me, these past few weeks have been pretty busy, and often stressful. But I never let a stressful moment become a stressful day or a stressful week. How? With these quick and effective tips:

  1. Exercise: I exercise most mornings. For me, it really helps to sweat the previous day’s stress away so I can make that next day better. It also sets the tone for my day (i.e. my attitude is usually “No! MUST. HAVE. MORE. SLEEP.” HOWEVER, I get up and get my butt MOVING which gives me the “no excuses,” attitude the rest of the day).
  2. Deep Breathing: When I am driving in my car, I often feel the most stress. I am thinking about all of the things that I need to do, without being able to write them on a to-do list because I am, well, driving. So what do I do? I start focusing on what I see (“blue car,” “big semi,” “lots of trees”) and then I start breathing. I take a deep breath in, and slowly let the breath out at least 5 times. By the end of being so focused on my breathing, I am so much less focused on the stress.
  3. Water: Yes, you read that right. If I am not drinking enough water throughout the day, I am prone to feeling tired and fatigued by 2-3 in the afternoon. Drinking plenty of water keeps be hydrated and helps me overcome that mid-day-lull. If I skip the water, the mid-day-lull turns into “Why can’t I focus,” and negative self-talk, which takes my focus away from my work and the stress piles on. Drink yo H2O, peeps.
  4. Plan Ahead: I write EVERYTHING down in my planner. I have talked about this before in terms of meal prepping, and sticking to an exercise routine. But reducing stress? Yes, it is effective. I write everything down in my planner so I know what is coming, know what I need to plan for, and know when I am going to have to bust out my best coping mechanisms to overcome a busy day
  5. SLEEP: Get your sleep. I go to bed earlier than my grandma. I lived with her for a while before Tim and I got married, and I went to bed before her every. single. night. That’s no joke. I have to get my sleep or I am not myself, not focused, and not able to de-stress in stressful moments the next day. Sometimes, a bad night of sleep throws off my entire week. So take it seriously, and be strict with your bedtime!


Can’t seem to fit in a healthy diet, proper sleep, and good nutrition? Contact me and let’s chat about what steps you can take to simplify the process and become more successful with your routine!

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