Food Freedom

This is me. This is my current body, and I am not ashamed of it.
I don’t know how many people really know my history with food anxiety and guilt and shame centered around eating. I talk about my weight-loss story and usually highlight the good parts, but not always the struggle.

What you may not know is that I have struggled with eating my entire life. I struggled with extreme comparison. When I was stressed or anxious, I would eat more. When something bad happened, I craved sweets. These cravings coupled with the struggle of comparison and the shame that I felt around being “fat”, turned into many years of eating disorders.

If I ate too much, I felt guilty. So I started “getting rid” of excess food so to speak. I struggled with mild bulimia and binge eating disorder for quite some time before I got into restrictive dieting. Now, my restrictive dieting, bulimia, and binge eating never took me to the extreme of one end or the other, but it did have extremely negative effects on my body. It ruined my metabolism. It ruined my mental image of what my body was and what my body should be. It ruined having fun socializing over food and drinks with friends. It ruined family events that involved food. It isolated me.


Over the past year or two, I have finally found freedom from those feelings. Yes, they still happen from time to time but they are now so easily tamed. I have seen so much success with my mental health and physical health just by just by controlling these thoughts. Now, knowing this and knowing my take on health and fitness, you know that I am so excited to say that I have a program that will help you to achieve the same freedom. I am the biggest advocate that nobody should be afraid to eat. Nobody should feel so much guilt that they have to put themselves through physical/mental pain and stress just because of one meal.

If you have struggled with anything that I mentioned above, fear foods, food anxiety, or guilt and shame before, during, or after a meal, email me. Let’s walk this walk together.

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