Spring Cleaning: Clean Like an Expert

Hey there! Spring is NEAR and it is so refreshing, at least for us in the midwest who have dealt with the weather going back and forth from sunny and somewhat warm to rainy or snowy and freezing cold. I never know what to wear or what to set the thermostat to, but what I do know is that Spring is so close, and that means time for spring cleaning.

I am not calling myself an expert, but I do have the fortunate yet unfortunate gene of being a “neat freak” or having some OCD tendencies when it comes to a clean house. I want to equip those who love to clean and those who hate it with a full list of spring cleaning MUSTS, where to start, how to do so efficiently, and some of my favorite products.

I am going to leave you with a wonderful checklist to take with you as you rid of the dust bunnies and finally air out the house. Here are some of my tips for the busy wife, the stay at home mom, or the person that avoids cleaning altogether:

  • Plan: If you plan where you will start and exactly what you need to do in order to finish one room, you will find yourself saving time and feeling so refreshed when it is all said and done. I can clean the house in one full day, and take care of the cars and garage on another, but I also do not have more than myself and Tim to clean up after, and, as stated above, I am a neat freak so I do not leave months of mess for myself to clean up when I do my big purges. The more you plan the more on task you will stay and the sooner it will be over.
  • Organize First: If you plant to put away the winter wear and make room for shorts, dresses, and tank tops in the closet, start with that. If you need to purge the medicine cabinet, go through your “junk drawer,” etc., do this before you even begin to dust and clean! Take it one room at a time, and go through the closets and drawers. Be sure to have containers ready to go for anything that will be donated, tossed, or stored away for the spring months.
  • Start High, End Low: I start high when I dust and clean, and end low. I start by dusting the fans, door frames, and window sills. Then I strip the bed, remove the tablecloth, etc., dust the furniture, and then get to the floors. Going top to bottom leaves little room for forgotten items, and is more efficient!
  • One At a Time: Only clean one room at a time. This gives you time to wash any linens, etc., and clean out the space without everything building up. If you start your bedding from the master bedroom while you finish cleaning, you’ll end up throwing in the next room’s items as it’s time to switch your master bedroom’s linens to the dryer. It won’t stack up, and it just seems to go by so much faster this way! If you have bags full of clothes to donate from one room and the bags are full, put them in your car before moving onto the next room. When there is too much “stuff” to look at, it becomes overwhelming, and I promise you won’t want to take all the bags out at once when you are done for the day!

I have a crate that I carry around when I am cleaning. It has all of my supplies, my duster, and bags for when I am purging the closet of unnecessary items. It’s easy to bring that along with me to each room, and keeps me organized along the way. Below you will find my cheat sheet for a full, clean house. Get an early start so you can get out and enjoy the beautiful spring weather.


What are your favorite cleaning products? Do you spring clean? Is it daunting or extremely satisfying for you? I will link some of my favorite products below!

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