Overcoming the Winter Blues

The winter seasons is always more challenging for me. I know that many people in the midwest often experience vitamin deficiencies, overall fatigue, etc., and I am one of those! The winter makes it harder for me to feel motivated and energized, and it’s hard to feel like there’s nothing you can do to change it. I have good news for you. I have discovered a routine that helps me to overcome the winter “blues.”

Sweat it out: A good sweat session always helps me feel better about myself. Get your heart rate up, and give it your all, even if your “all” is about half of what you might be able to give in the summer months!

Refuel: Fuel your body after your workout. Choose a high protein food with good, healthy fats, and let your body soak up the nutrients! Take your vitamins, and….

Drink your water: It is so hard for me to drink my water in the winter. I am not always as thirsty, so I have to remind myself to hydrate! When I don’t drink enough water, my fatigue is so real. I recently just bought a reusable gallon and it is my goal to finish the gallon by the end of each day. I’ll link that below!

  1. Pamper yourself: It’s easy to let your leg hair grow, spray your roots with dry shampoo, and throw on a sweater, leggings, and a nice scarf all winter long. If you’ve followed the above mentioned steps, I encourage you to take a good part of your morning to pamper yourself. I like to take a longer shower all while doing a face mask, hair conditioning treatment, and shaving. Afterwards, I like to paint my nails, clean up my eyebrows, and do my hair and makeup. Taking time to take care of myself always makes me feel better!

Get out of the house: It’s easy to stay inside under the covers when you have nothing else to do in the winter. Online shopping and meal services make that easy, too. However, we all need a little fresh air and some fun every now and then. Whether it’s grabbing a bite to eat or a cup of coffee with some of your gal pals, shopping for some new items for your home or closet, or doing something fun like indoor golf or an escape room, challenge yourself to do at least 1 fun thing outside of the house each week, or even just each month!

Five simple steps, and you’ll be feeling like a much better you! Leave me some comments on your favorite ways to overcome the winter blues!

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