Galantine’s Day Party Perfection

So you want to have a Galantine’s day party, but you don’t know where to start. Or, you really just need a girls day, and this is the perfect excuse. So what’s first? What are the must-haves? I’m here to share my favorite parts of my first ever hosted Galantine’s day party!


I was so excited to have a day with JUST the girls. I started a Facebook event and did a poll to see if the morning or evening was preferred for my gal pals. We chose the morning, which was exciting because we could go with the Parks and Recs Galantine’s day brunch style (i.e. my favorite show, ever). We decided on waffles, turkey bacon, eggs, mimosas, and bloody mary’s.


I didn’t know if I should plan specific activities, or if it should really just be a day to hangout, but I went with some super simple activities just to give us something fun and different to do! We started off with painting after we finished brunch. I had canvases, paint brushes, and paint for us, along with some sample pictures and stencils to use too! I wouldn’t say any of us are artists, but it was fun to paint while we sipped away!

After, we ended up playing a Valentine’s mad-lib, and it turned out pretty funny. We made our answers super random, but somehow they ended up tying together for some really great laughs. One of the girls brought her polaroid camera, and I had a “selfie wall” set up, so we were able to take pictures too!


We had nail polish, but we ended up calling it a day. Some of us went our separate ways, while one of my friends and I went shopping. Overall, it was such a good day with great gals, and I am excited that I was able to have time with them. I thought it was really cool that Tim planned a day with the guys, and left us to have the house to ourselves for the morning. Such a sweet husband, amazing friends, and a perfect Saturday!

Have you been to or hosted a Galantine’s party? What were your favorite activities? Let me know in the comments section below!

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