My Weight Loss Story:

Many people that have followed me for some time recognize me more as “fitnesswithcourt.” My page used to be primarily fitness related posts and I’ve been on my fitness journey since November 1, 2014. So let me back track and tell you the story from the very beginning. This post will be about how I gained weight and what made me decide to start my journey, then I’ll chat about what happened so far on my journey, and then I’ll continue with a post regarding where I’m at now and where I’m headed.


So take it back to my childhood. I’ve always carried some extra chub, been extremely muscular on my lower half, and was “built bigger,” than some of my friends. I noticed this in second grade, and it killed me. I began focusing on my weight at age 7 and never stopped. I hated that my thighs covered more area on my chair than the girl next to me. I hated that I had to start wearing bras before half of my friends. I always felt out of place being “ahead of the game” and not fitting in the extra small and small sizes that fit them.

6I remember in fourth grade I had my friend come over. I pulled every “health related” page out of all of my American Girl magazines. Some of these pages started talking about calories. So I stopped eating snacks with higher calories and started checking nutrition labels. I did crazy silly exercises like dancing like a fool, doing handstand push-ups against the wall in my bedroom, and doing crab walks up and down the sidewalk of my block. In 5th grade, I had lost what my parents referred to as my “baby weight.”


So of course, I found it surprising when the “baby weight,” came back. I didn’t care as much from 5th-8th grade. I was confident and extremely active between cheerleading and volleyball, so weight wasn’t my main concern. But when I got into high school, and more drama happened between friend groups, the first insult people went to was calling me fat (and I was NOT “fat). I felt that because I was bigger than some of the skinniest girls, I wasn’t good enough. During my smallest phase (which again wasn’t “skinny) I was in 2-a day practices for volleyball, I was a cheerleader, and I did a workout before school and then came home and did insanity workouts. I was constantly working out and I limited my food to 500-800 calories/day. I was so miserable.

123This pattern happened for a while and still happens today. My weight fluctuates and in order to be at my smallest I need to be in extreme caloric deficit and unhappy so it’s no longer worth it. I did as many crash diets as was possible for a young adult. When I graduated college in 2014, I was no longer walking around campus to classes, to the gym, and to work. I was no longer provided access to unlimited salads and my choice of “healthier” options. I ate what was provided to me because I was on a low budget. I did an extreme crash diet that summer with a friend of mine and felt like I was dying. After, I gained double the weight back.

 55           77              65.png

At a regular check up with my NP, she ran blood work. Without any further testing, she diagnosed me with an under active thyroid and prescribed me levothyroxine. I gained 20 lbs within 2 weeks of being on the medication. I couldn’t breathe. I hated it, saw an endocrinologist, and was immediately removed from the medication. On November 1, 2014, I weighed in at 214 lbs. I was miserable and unhappy, and decided to start my fitness journey.

2I cannot wait to share with you how I got started and what steps I took to get there. Can anyone relate to this? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. I’ve always had trouble with weight, but I don’t really believe that everybody can be skinny and wear small sizes in clothes 🙂 That said, I am working on fitness now more for my own health than for anything others might say.


    1. Thanks for sharing! I agree. That “body type” will not fit everyone, unfortunately. We were made to be of all shapes and sizes and as long as we are respecting our bodies in an attempt to be our healthiest I think we should appreciate the way we were made!

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    1. Transparency in blogging is so needed, especially in the health and fitness realm. We are flooded with images of what we “hope” to look like, we need some reality to help ground some of our unrealistic expectations. Thanks for your support!


  2. I can’t wait to read more about your journey. I admire people who start a healthier lifestyle becasue for me, this is strenght! Good luck and it was great to read about your weight-problems as you were younger. It’s such a good example and story for many people and motivation, too!


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