New Years Resolutions: Setting Intentions for 2018

New Years Resolutions: Mistakes to Avoid in the New Year

Everyone talks about “new year, new me,” and they have these insanely intense resolutions or ways that they need to change in the new year. But have you stopped to think about just setting intentions for yourself for the year? Intentions that you can help remind you of your goals in life’s chaotic moments?

Here are some intentions that may work for you:

  • For the Stressed: I will be intentional about taking 5 minutes to myself each day to _____ (whatever calms you down).
  • For the Busy-Bee: I will be intentional about setting aside 20 minutes each day to do nothing, to clear my mind, and to reset my focus.
  • For the Dieter: I intend to live a healthier lifestyle and stop dieting. I will choose food that fuels my body and makes me feel good.
  • For the Phone Addict: I intend to set my phone down during ________ (social interactions with others). Side note: Don’t be that person at the restaurant with a group of friends that sits on their phone instead of conversing with everyone at your table!
  • For the Spender: I intend to set aside $10 before spending to put towards savings.
  • For the Work-a-holic: First of all, this is me, so this one resonates. I intend to set boundaries that I will not cross between work and non work related tasks/time.

There is a pattern here. Each of these have their own phrase or intention. A one-liner that resets your focus back to your ultimate “goal” for yourself for the year. People often fail to meet their New Year’s resolutions because they do not stay focused, or forget about their intention for creating that resolution. Choose an intention, and then be intentional about focusing on changing that one part of your life this year.

Still not convinced? Try writing down your goals. I love using a bullet journal and setting “intentions” or ways for myself to improve in the following areas:

  • My Spiritual Journey
  • Finances
  • Health and Fitness
  • Personal Relationships
  • Work
  • Mental Health
  • Self-Awareness

Check out this journal for all your intention setting notes:

What are your intentions? In what ways are you trying to improve your life this year? What are some things that are already going well that you want to continue doing? Whether you write it down or leave it in the comments below, keep it up. You are already taking the first steps toward success by being here! 


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