Late Start to the New Year

New Years Resolutions

So it’s a week into the new year and you haven’t put in much effort towards those resolutions you were so excited about. Well, back to the old habits then, right? No! You still have time to start. Don’t wait until Monday. Don’t wait for a new year. Your goals can be set and worked toward at any given point. You just have to be ready to take on the challenge.

New Years Resolutions

How do you know if you’re ready? If you’re just enthusiastic for some change, but you have no plans or motivation, it may not be the best time to try to conquer that goal. You have to have the motivation to get started and then you need to create a plan. Planning isn’t always easy especially if you wouldn’t consider yourself a “planner,” by nature. However, failing to plan is planning to fail, especially if you’re trying to form new habits.

New Years Resolutions

But how do you plan? Where do you start? I’ve used the examples of weight loss and reading more as goals in past posts, so I’ll use those again. Let’s say your goal is to lose weight. We know that adding exercise can be a huge help, but that what goes into and fuels your body is the number one place to start. So you’ll need to focus on your meals. But how can you do that without a plan? If you don’t plan ahead you’ll be left hungry and hunting down whatever feeds a craving. So your plan would be to incorporate food that helps you reach your goals. That may mean a lower caloric intake than normal. That may mean incorporating less dairy or meat. Whatever it is for you, make a plan and make sure the plan doesn’t leave you starving and at risk of falling off track.

This is only step one. To continue to progress towards your weight loss goal, you’ll need to add in methods of tracking as well as the very important component of exercising. You should end up with a meal plan, an exercise plan, and a way to track your progress. Once you have all of these in place and you’ve bought your groceries and signed up at a gym or have equipment in your home, GET STARTED. Don’t wait for Monday. Don’t wait for a new month. Start today and make it a habit.

What are your goals? If you haven’t started yet, when do you plan to start? A year goes by fast! With one week down, it’s not too late to start, but it’s also never too soon either. I believe in you. Do you?

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