Date Night Ideas

As a newlywed, I am trying to ensure that my marriage is still full of all the fun and excitement that was there prior to our engagement and wedding. Now that we are living together, we see each other more often. We communicate less throughout the day, because we get to come home to each other every night. But of course, some nights we are busy whether we have plans, appointments, or just things to get done around the house. Although we are eating the majority of our dinners together, there is something to be said about a date night.

Date nights are so important, during dating and during marriage. Setting time to intentionally spend together, distraction free, is so necessary! There is also something exciting about getting dressed up (click here for my favorite jeans!) or doing more to my hair/makeup than normal when we have our restaurant dinner date nights. As newlyweds, we are also working on budgeting and figuring out what our finances look like as homeowners, so having budget friendly date nights is important too.

Here are some of my favorite (low-budget) date night ideas:

  1. Game night: Whether you invite another couple over, or have the house to yourself, have a game night! Of course Tim and I love board games, card games, and video games (i.e. interactive games, like the Nintendo Switch games!). Getting out a game, putting our phones down, and just enjoying a challenge against each other or another couple is always a good time!
  2. Movie night: This is one of our go-to’s. We will find a movie that comes with out Amazon or Netflix accounts, or even a Redbox or cheap iTunes rental and stay in for a movie night. We love popcorn with chocolate chips on top paired with a delicious glass of wine as we cuddle and enjoy a night to ourselves.
  3. Bike rides: During the summer, we love spending time on our bikes. Sometimes we will take out our bikes and ride over to a nearby ice cream place, or ride our bikes out to a cheap dinner spot. We could spend hours riding around town! One time, we did just that, and stopped at the grocery store on our way home, bought ingredients, and grilled out with friends later that evening!
  4. Bonfires: We love having bonfires and a cold drink, and inviting our friends over to join us! This is the perfect way for us to connect with each other, appreciate our house and entertainment space, and enjoy time with friends at the same time!
  5. Drive and jam: Tim and I haven’t done this much as of late, but we used to all the time! We would just drive around, talk, and jam to some of our favorite songs. He shows me songs that he loves, and I do the same. We sometimes take each other on a route and explain a memory or the history that we have along that route, or share songs that have a special meaning to us. It’s an awesome way for us to escape the chaos of life and learn more about each other too!

What is your favorite date night? Date nights are so important to me, and to us as a couple. I would love to hear your suggestions or successful low budget date nights in the comments below!

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