Selling Items Online

So you want to sell clothes, books, jewelry, etc. online to earn some extra cash towards new merch or just to add to your personal savings. But you post items online and no one seems to make an offer. How can you enhance your personal sales? Keep reading to find out!




  1. Photo quality matters: Regardless of the site you are using, photo quality matters. The size of the image won’t matter on sites like Facebook, but when using sites like Mercari (Get $10 off when you sign up with my code [THUZTD], you are better off using the square photo setting to get the best upload for your pics. Taking pictures with little clutter in the background and in brighter lighting will help attract users and enhance your sales.
  2. Item quality matters: It’s ok if your items are not perfect. I mean, they are used, right? However, if they do have imperfections it is best if you lower the price and highlight the imperfections in your photos posted. If you are honest with your customers, they are more likely to set their expectations appropriately for the product they are receiving, and less likely to leave you a poor review! Read more about receiving a 5-star review here
  3. Start by pricing high: Set yourself up for success, but also set standards for yourself. If you have high quality items, start off with higher pricing. If you notice that the sales don’t happen within the first few days of posting the item, chances are you may need to lower the price. Before you drop it too much, research on similar items to see what others’ are selling theirs for, and make your price competitive. I will often drop the prices of my items and post that I am having a “page sale” and keep those lower prices for 2 days with special deals for buyers. Your pages will also show the percentage of price decrease once your prices drop which also attract buyers!
  4. Post multiple photos: Give people a different perspective of your items by posting multiple photos. This could be a shirt “on-person” and another on the hanger, or shoes from the top angle and side angle to show heel size. Think about when you are online shopping– the more images you see of the item the better decision you are able to make!
  5. Respond to your buyers: If someone has a question regarding an item, comment back as soon as possible! The longer you take, the more time they have to browse for similar items. Some people sign up and get their $10 coupon and want to stay within that limit until they sell some of their items and can cash in for others. That being said, if they find another item in their price range before you comment back, chances are they will take the plunge with another seller and forget about your items all together!

These are just a few tips to enhance your online shop. Whether it’s a site like Poshmark (Code CMBOTMA gets you instant $$), Mercari, Etsy, or Facebook, being intentional in your postings gets noticed! Attract your customers by thinking before you post, and making your sales a priority (even if it is just 10 minutes on your lunch break).

To shop my personal pages, click the links to check out one or both of my sites! If you have questions about making an extra income off of online sales, contact me. I am more than happy to share tips and tricks to creating an income off of your unused items. And of course, don’t forget to post your comments and feedback below!

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