Poshmark, Etsy, Mercari: 5 Star Ratings

You may have read my posts about earning extra money to save for your first home, or creating a better online profile to sell used or unwanted items. When creating an “online shop,” even if it is for some extra cash for Friday night pizza, you want to make sure that your ratings are high. One of the first things I do before purchasing items on the internet is checking the item and the store ratings. If I am buying from an independent business or seller that I am unfamiliar with, I want to check their legitimacy and what people are saying about their customer service.

So how do you get a 5-star rating? What can you do to really “wow,” your customers?

  1. Create a buyer-friendly atmosphere: Refer to my post regarding selling used or unwanted items. Follow these tips to enhance your page and create greater customer satisfaction.
  2. Have a fast response rate: Make sure that you are responding to messages and comments quickly so that your customers know you are making them a priority. If they are asking you questions, be sure to actually answer them! If they ask you the brand of an item, but you tell them “Oh I think I got this at Kohl’s,” that isn’t answering their question. Be specific!
  3. Communicate with your buyer: When I have items that I cannot ship right away (i.e. may be a larger item that I need to purchase additional packaging for), I will communicate with the buyer to let them know why there is a delay in shipping and what I am doing to speed up the process.
  4. Speedy delivery: When you really want an item, you want it now. That is why so many of us love Amazon Prime. If you package and mail your items within 24-48 hours, your customers will be much more satisfied and much more likely to share their experience when leaving you a rating!
  5. Personalize your delivery: I will send customers a message letting them know their item was shipped. I also use customized packaging and insert a little thank you note before sealing for shipment! These little details can be cost effective and easy to find. Check out some of my go-to products below (click the image for direct link):

There ya have it. Bring in the extra cash, get awesome feedback, and enjoy a night out with your hard earned money! Have other suggestions for enhancing an online business page, small or large? Comment your suggestions below!

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